Clay Statue

-What have you found?

We found sculpture.

-What do you think it is made of?

I trhink it is made of clay.

-What do you notice about this object?

1)It's made with clay

2) It's seem like women: brest is big

3)11cm tall

4)have short leg

5)It doesn't have any arm: maybe arms aren't important to women

6) stomach is very big:maybe she pregnant

7) have only one eye at face

8) exaggeration:smaller

-Is it human?


-Why do you think it look like this?

Maybe she doesn't have any arms because it doesn't  important to her. Also, maybe she hae tiny feets and only one eye at face because it's maybe not important to her and scultor.

-What makes it different from the body of a person you see everyday?

1)Real human have face but clay statue have only one eye at face.

2)Clay statue's feets are smaller than real human.

3)Clay statue doesn't have arms.But, real human have arms.

4)Clay statue is smaller than real human.

-Why do you think certain body are exaggerated, that is, bigger or smaller than others?

I think  sculptor make certain body are exaggerated because, maybe scupture did it to emphasis. First, I think sculptor emphasis the brest to show it's women.Second, I think sculptor emphasis big tummy and circle lines at tummy to show women is pragnant.

-Could this exaggeration mean something?

I think exaggeration at art smaller exaggeration is not important to the sculpture and bigger exaggeration mean It's so important to sculpture.