My personal symbol

This is my mosquito symbol. In this symbol it has small little chart. First, chart in left it’s about amount of people and if you look carefully the number of people is going up. and looking right chart it’s about my voice because, their is speaker icon in it. In that chart it’s going lower and lower which mean my voice get lower and lower. So, this symbol mean that my voice get smaller and smaller if people get larger and larger.

During, making this stamp it was hard to cut back ground. Because, even I cut it deep when I print in paper the line and background was printed too so it doesn’t look clean and neat. Also, when I draw my symbol in rubber bat I didn’t thought that right and left will be change in print. So, when I printed on paper the left and right was in opposite way.

First, I used special pencil to draw a symbol in rubber mat. Second, I cut the background of symbol that is going to be white with linoleum cutters. But, I need to be careful to not cut a line of symbol because it needs to printed also, I need to cut background deep enough so background doesn’t printed in paper. Then, I used spatula to take ink from jar to plexiglass plate. And, I rub ink with brayer and to put ink on brayer then I rub brayer on rubber mat to put ink on it. Next, I put a piece of paper on stamp that I’m going to print then, I stick paper strongly to rubber mat and rub it with burnisher on paper. Lastly, I take off a paper and that’s print of my stamp(symbol).

I discovered that I need to cut back ground deep enough to make my print neat and tidy. And, I also, knew when I draw symbol in rubber mat I need to change right and left in opposite way.

The one big challenges when I make this stamp was that it kept printed untidy and mess up because, the background wasn’t so deep enough. So, I overcome it by cut the back ground and I printed so, then I knew which part do I need to cut more. Then, I cut, that part again and I printed again. Then, I knew which part to cut again. And, I cut that part. I repeat that for several time so, it got much better than my first print.

The interesting part of stamp was if I printed as yellow I can rub printed yellow ink, and if I want to change color to blue I can wash it and put blue on it.

My Stamp

This is my stamp symbol. I cut the background of drawing that going to be black. Then, I rub ink(on plate) with roller and rub roller on rubber(stamp). Lastly, put piece of paper on stamp before ink dry and rub hardly and take off paper.Things that I want to improved is I didn’t cut the background deep. So, when I take off paper of rubber, background was printed too, So, it look weird. So, I think when I cut background I need to cut more deep and I also need to cut the lines that made by cutting and make back ground smooth, so background doesn’t print in paper. Also, I think I need to draw in(rubber) opposite way because, the right and left will change if I print in paper.

Art Room Symbol Ideas

1. Brainstrom

  • Fly
  • Pencil
  • Flower

2. Sketch

  • Fly

This is a sketch of fly. I think fly symbolize art room well because, there are so many flies in this art room and they kept moving to people to people and flies are not in other class room so I think fly represent art room.

  • Pencil

I think pencil symbol art room because, art room symbolize art, pencil symbolize art. Because, pencil is a most important equipment when I draw a picture or when I do art work.

  • Flowers

This is a picture of flower. This is a picture of flower that I drew in my first visual art class. So, when I pass a little flower garden surrounding art house I kept thinking of this picture that I drew in my first art class.

  • My favorite – Fly

My favorite one is fly. Because, for looking pencil it’s so normal and pencil is important in other subject and it’s so usual so I don’t think it symbolize art room well. And, for looking flower symbol it represent me and art room but it doesn’t represent art room well. It’s just my most impressive memory related to art house. So, other people else can’t agree with my flower symbol

My Final Choice

I chose this symbol for my final choice. This symbol was about second one of mosquito voice symbol. In this symbol it has a little chart, there is speaker icon (my voice) and people icon for looking people (refers to my audience) it’s going up and for speakers icon it’s going down which means my voice get smaller and smaller if people(my audience) get lots and lots.

I decide this my final symbol. I think a lot between this symbol and bird in angry bird  and my first mosquito voice symbol to choose my final choice. But, I decided to do this one because, I thought the red angry bird doesn’t represent me , I think birds represent me but I don’t thought red bird in angry bird game is not related to me and it doesn’t symbolize me well. Second, at first I thought I need to first symbol for mosquito voice because, it’s very creative and unique but, I decide to that one because first symbol for mosquito voice is little bit complicated for symbol and it’s not eye-catching.

The main reason why I decide it for my final choice is it represent it most, it express all my meaning for mosquito voice. My mosquito symbol was about my voice get smaller when, people gets lots and lots. But most of the symbol was just about my voice is just small all of them doesn’t mentioned about people. And, looking for my other symbol, birds, the all three pictures was just picture, bird  singing part wasn’t in picture. if it doesn’t have singing people will think I just like birds they will never think bird symbolize me because me and bird both of them like to talk. And, also cactus symbol was same as bird it was just cactus and I don’t know why I drew needle.

My Personal Symbol Brainstorm

My Personal Symbol Brainstorm

Jione Seo

7A BMo

1. List of 8 things

  • Sloth
  • Books
  • Hard work
  • Mosquito voice
  • Cactus
  • Hands
  • Bird
  • Sky

2. Explain why


  • Sloth

I think sloth represent me.  The sloth and me both of them like to sleep. First, sloth is a animal that sleep for whole day. And,I really like to sleep(but not much as like sloth and I’m not lazy like sloth). I used to sleep in my free time because,  I feel better. For example, after I sleep I can concentrate in my work better and when I’m sick I feel better in my body after I sleep.


  • Books

I think books represent me. Reading book is my one of favorite hobby. Books knows everything and it’s mostly true. I wish be person who only(mostly) tell a truth to others. I want be a person who can believe and known as honesty person.


  • Hard work

I think I’m hard worker because, I always try to do as best as I can and I always try best and I always tried to work more harder. And, I always play after I finish all my works. I know I’m sometimes very lazy  but I still think I’m Hard worker because, mostly I tried my best.


  • Mosquito voice

I think mosquito’s voice and my voice is similar. Mosquito’s voice is so small I can’t even hear it. Also, my voice get really small when I go in front of class or groups. Which means I’m very shy. When, I go in front of the class my voice get smaller and my voice shiver.


  • Cactus

I think cactus represent me. Cactus has a thorn in it’s body. If you try to touch cactus you get a hurt because, of thorn but, I think you get a hurt because you tried to attack it. But, if you don’t touch it and don’t attack it first it will not hurt you which means cactus only attack you when you attack it first. I’m a person like cactus. I only attack people when they attack me first. If they don’t attack me first, I don’t attack them too.


  • Hands

I think hands is a most important body part. Also, it use most in body parts.Because, we need hands to eat and write and hold something and draw a picture. I want to be a most important person and most useful person in Korea and world like hands is most important and use most body parts in my body.


  • Bird

I think bird represent me well. I always thought their chirping always sound like the birds or talking with each other. And, I thought birds really like to talk lots same as me. because, the chirp for whole day.I like to talk a lots like birds as Korean. I talk really fast with Korean because, I’m so exciting during speaking with Korea .


  • Sky

I think  sky represent me. Sky get cold and sometimes very shiny and sometimes raining the weather of sky change really fast in like hours. So, I think this part represent me much. My emotion is same as sky. Sometimes I feel very sad and Sometimes I feel happy. My emotion change frequently like sky as only 1 words from other person. For example, even I heard “shut up” I feel really sad in inside.

3. pictures of 3 symbol that I pick

  • cactus
  • sky
  • mosquito voice

4. Mosquito voice: My voice get smaller like mosquito voice when I talk in front of class or group.



If you look at this picture carefully you can found an icon that you seen every day. It’s “speaker” icon in your netbook screen. If you click it with your netbook there will be some thing same in my picture that shows volume of your netbook. In my picture it’s said my volume is 12 which is really small, it’s mean my voice get really smaller if I talk in front of class or groups.


 In this symbol it has a speaker mark and people mark. In this picture people mark is going up which means people get lots and lots and speaker mark is going down  it’s mean my volume get lower. It’s mean if people get lots and lots my voice get lots and lots.


 This symbol is picture of mosquito. I draw it because, my symbol was mosquito voice so I draw it.  Mosquito’s voice is reaaaally small even hard to heard it. I want to express that my voices are get so smaller if like mosquito if I talk in front of class.


5. Cactus: I don’t attack people first, if people don’t attack me first.

 This is picture of cactus. It has lots of thorn in it’s body. I draw it this cactus has thorn because, I think it has thorn mean it’s ready for attack because, someone attack it first. It’s mean I am a person  who distract people if they distract them first.


This is also picture of cactus. But, I do’t draw thorn on it on purpose because, I want to express that it doesn’t have thorn on it because none of people distract them. Which, mean I’m like a person who don’t distract or attack them first if they don’t attack or disturb me first.


 I’m not sure this  neeble represent me, so I’m going to talk reason why I decide to draw neeble. I decide to dry neeble for my cactus symbol because, I thought the sharp thorn was main point in my symbol so I tried to find a object that is very sharp than I thought neeble and I decide to draw it.


6. Birds: I like to talk.

 My all three sketches is about different kind of birds. I think first bird is pigeon and third one is sparrow and second one is a model of bird that main red bird in angry bird game. I think my best sketch is third  one because it’s look cutter than other sketches and this bird seem like to talk a lot.












Jione Seo

7A BMo

• A religious or cultural symbol 

-Lotus flower symbol

My religious or cultural symbol is Buddhism symbol. There are 3 Lotus in this picture with same shape and same size but, with different colors. First, Lotus is black and the lines are white. Second, Lotus is white but, the lines are black. Last, Lotus is also white but, the lines are black and it’s thicker and different with other two Lotus’s lines.

Lotus stands for purity, spontaneity and beauty. There is all different meaning for each flower. First, white lotus stands for purity in minds and spiritual perfection. Second, pink lotus stand for Lord Buddha it can also stand for Lord Buddha. Next, blue lotus stands for victory and victory over the senses. Last, the red lotus stand for purity but purity of hearts.

We don’t know who made it exactly, but in many pictures Lord Buddha have portrayed to seat on the Lotus. So, I think probably Lord Buddha create this symbols.

The purpose of this symbol is to make people feel harmonious and peaceful. Because, when the people see Lotus, they feel peaceful and harmonious because, it’s pretty and beautiful. Then if the other people see someone feeling peaceful and harmonious and smiling the people who see, they also smile. So Lotus can make everyone feel peaceful and harmonious and smiling for whole day.

I think this symbol had chosen for Buddhist symbol because, most of the Buddhism teaching is mainly about feel harmonious and peaceful in inside. And, Lotus makes people feel better and feel peaceful and harmonious. So, I think Lotus had chosen for Buddhist symbol because, Lotus match with Buddhism teaching.

I think this symbol is effective because, it represent Buddhist teaching well. Bud, I don’t think this symbol is eye- catching, because it just looks like normal Lotus flower.


• A symbol of an empire or nation


My empire or nation symbol is HAECHI. This symbol is mascot of Seoul (Korea capital city). This symbol look bit like lion and bit look like tiger. It’s yellow and it has a wings on back has some patter on his body.

It represent Korea’s capital city, Seoul. It’s putative animal from Asia. This character describes a real character in Korea palace. People, just make real HAECHI look cuter. Long years ago, Korean believed HAECHI protect them’ from lots of fire and calamity and they thought HAECHI is auspicious. Also, the people knew HAECHI as friendly and humorous animal.

We don’t know who made HAECHI because, the HAECHI was made in long time ago even in BC 57.

This HAECHI is come from old country called Silla. This country was started in BC 57 and ended AD 654. They put HAECHI’s picture in there cloth.

I think the purpose of the symbol is protect people from lot’s of fire and calamity because, they thought the ghost or calamity will go away because, HAECHI look scary. So they put lots of HAECHI in palace.

I think this HAECHI has chosen for Seoul mascot because, HAECHI has been long time In Korea culture. So it’s very familiar character to Korean because, there are lots of HAECHI in Korea. Also, I think HAECHI has chosen for Seoul mascot because, some of Korean still believe HAECHI protects them from calamity and disaster.

I don’t think HAECHI is affective because, the truth is HAECHI doesn’t protect Korean from calamity and disaster. If HAECHI really protect Korean form disaster why would flood was in every summer and why would the typhoon was in every October and November? So, I don’t think HAECHI is affective to people.


• A symbol from your everyday life


My symbol from my everyday life is Starbucks logo. In this picture there are girl look like princess in little mermaid she has a crown on her head and her long hair is covering her body and there is her tail on the back.

This logo represent mermaid name Siren in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Siren entice sailor with her beautiful and sweet voice and then kill them. But, Siren in Starbucks logo it’s mean to addict people to their coffee and make them to go to Starbucks frequently.

Terry Heckler created this Starbucks logo in 1971. The first design that Terry Heckler had design describes Siren more realistic. Then they change their logo (logo that using now) in 1987 because, they thought it’s so realistic for big company logo.

I think the purpose of this symbol is to make good coffee and make people addict to their coffee’s taste and make them come to their Starbucks frequently like Siren entice sailor with  singing with her pretty voice and eat them.

I think this logo has chosen for Starbuck’s logo because, coffee shop need to coffee taste delicious so people addict at their coffee and they come back to there shops. And Siren also make sailors addict at her voice so, I think Siren had chosen for Starbucks logo because, there target and Siren’s target match each other.

I don’t think logo is affective because, the logo is about to make people addict to their coffee but, people don’t get addict to their coffee by their logo. I think this logo is eye catching because, the mermaid is in coffee shop logo even mermaid doesn’t related to coffee.


How are symbols used in art?

I think symbol used in art as helping art to know something more quickly with not using words or sentences.

What makes an effective or successful symbol?

I think using the words or picture that describes something that you will going to make with symbol will make symbol affective and successful. For, example if you’re going to make a symbol of you think of the words or picture that describes you well. And, if you think honeybee describe you well use it for your symbol or use something that relate to honeybee.


Symbol 1:

Symbol 2:

Symbol 3:

The Abstracted Human Final Reflection

The Abstract Human Final Reflection

Jione Seo

In this unit I should  make a human sculpture and describe it about own passion. The sculpture needs to be abstract . I need to choose a 1 passion that I like to describe it with sculpture. I need to exaggerate or emphasize the body parts that important.

I used a red clay and flat tool to make my sculpture smoother and sharp tool to poke a face to make a eyes and draw lines at my feet(round) to make it look better to real wheel and draw a lines shape like waffle to a part that I’m going to stick together.

My sculpture is about I like to ride a bike. I abstracted my feet to look like well, because, I thought it will make it more easier to know my passion. So, I made my feet like wheel instead of make my feet in normal shape. And, I decide to exaggerate my feet and my leg. Because, I need big and strong to roll the pedal and I need long and strong and thick to ride bike well. Last, I make my eyes and mouth.

I think I was successful in meeting objectives because I abstracted the right body part and I exaggerate the leg and feet which is most important body parts when I ride a bike because, I need a strong leg  to roll a bike fast and I need a big feet to roll the pedal well. But, I think I was not successful in expressing my passion well.

During, doing this project I tried to make my sculpture smooth because, if it’s lumpy it doesn’t look nice and people’s attention will change to lumpy parts.Also, I wanted to stick the pieces together it was most hard part during this project. I tried to stick them with waters that melted with dark clay and stick it together and smooth it. And, I tried to make my sculpture stand- up because, it will be hard to take off the pieces from desk because, it will be stick together because desk is flat.

I will improved my sculpture by making arms to my sculpture because, It will help me to express my passion better. And, I also think I need to exaggerate my eyes little bit, because, eyes are also important when I ride a bike because, I need to see direction and object in road or street.

Most of the comments in critique was to make a arm because, it’s doesn’t look like human much. And, most of the other comments was to bend my sculpture so it’s look like sitting and riding a bike and make handle  because, it’s hard to notice my passion.

If I can make this abstracted human sculpture I will  make my other part shorter and smaller to make attention go to my feet and I am going to make my sculpture bend so it’s look like sitting on the chair(bike) and I will also, make arms because, I also need my arms to change direction with handle. Last, I will make my eyes bigger because, I need to see the direction or people so I don’t fell off from bike or get hurt.

  • Photos of my sculpture


sculpture Idea Brainstorm (in blog)

Sculpture Idea Brainstorm

Jione Seo

• Pick your top 3 passion ideas for your sculpture (out of the 8).

– I like to talk a lot with Korean

-I like to ride a bike

– I like to watch TV

• Briefly explain what this passion means to you, and why you picked it.

– I like to talk a lot with Korean: lot I feel better every time after I talked with Korean. But I can have lots of fun with talking with English because I can’t talk much with English because, I can’t speak English well.

-I like to ride a bike: I like to ride a bike even I’m not good at riding bike because, during ride a bike I can drink fresh air fast. Also, I like feeling when I roll the pedal.

– I like to watch TV: I always watch a TV when I was young. I like to watch drama most. Because, after I watched drama I can’t stop imagining what will be happened at next inning. And sometimes, I laughed because of drama and I cry because of drama.

• Explain why you think it will be a good idea for a sculpture.

– I like to talk a lot with Korean: In Korea I talk really lots with Koreans with my friends or my mom and my dad my family. So, everyone called me chatty person. Also, I really join to talk a lot. I always talk everything in my head.

-I like to ride a bike:  in Korea, my apartment was really good to ride a bike. There were no cars at the street and street was wrapped nicely. So I always use my bike to move to school and academy. I can get fresh air before class and I was fast than others because I ride a bike.

– I like to watch TV: In Korea, I watch every drama when I was young. So, people asked about contents of drama if they miss a drama.


• Tell us which body parts you will choose to exaggerate and emphasize to show the activity you love, and describe how you plan to exaggerate and emphasize them

– I like to talk a lot with Korean: I will exaggerate a mouth and ears because, big mouth refers to talk and big ears refer to listen. Also, I need big mouth and big ears to talk with people well. I could make sculpture’s body very small so viewer attention goes to mouth and ears.

-I like to ride a bike: I will exaggerate a leg because I need strong and thick leg to roll the pedal. Also, I could make sculpture’s head and other body parts make tiny so viewer attentions go to leg.

– I like to watch TV: I will exaggerate a head big because I always imagine after watch drama about contents of next drama inning so, I need big head to imagine. Also, I could make sculpture’s body small so viewer’s focus on big head.

Sculpture In-process reflection part 1

My sculpture is about riding a bike. I abstract my body part my foot, head and arm. First, I abstract my foot by making my foot bigger and look like bike roll. Second, I abstract my head tiny and draw just eyes because  head doesn’t really matter to ride a bike. But, I draw a two eyes  I need to see a sight to ride a bike safety. Third, I abstract my arms by make no arms because foot is the most important when I ride a bike.   I learn if I want to make clay stick together and make it smooth, I need to use clay glue and use tools. If I can make this clay again I will make clay depend on  balance. Because, if I don’t make a good balance an clay the clay kept fell down or broken. In my final sculpture, my passion will be talking and I will exaggerate my eyes and ears. I will make a clay depend on balance and looking.