Introductory Analysis- Frozen

My chosen scene from “Frozen” ends at 3:48. The scene that I’ve chosen is a part from movie “Frozen” which Olaf tries to save Ana and takes her to Elsa. I’ve chosen this scene because I thought editing, sound effects and acting were nicely done and it’s the scene in the movie that has the most actions. I think this scene is the best scene from the movie “Frozen” due to the quality of its sound, editing, and acting.

First, this scene is a well-made scene due to its sound effects and music. The music added to this scene perfectly matched with the action and the atmosphere of the scene. For instance, when Olaf started to imagine himself in forests in summer and danced with happiness and impression from 2:11, the song played perfectly matched with the lyrics of the song and theme of the section, which is bright in principle. The music played in this section made the audience feel the unity of the music and the cinematography. Moreover, as the places changed as Olaf changed the places that wanted to go, the music changed as well following the new atmosphere of the new background. As an example, when Olaf moved to a beach from forest at 2:35, piano was added and the beats got faster when Olaf jumped into the water to create music that matches with beach and vacation than forests and flower. Also, when the enormous monster appeared behind Olaf and kicked Olaf out from the cliff, the “boom-boom-boom” sound made the scene more liveliness.

Second, the acting enhanced the quality of the scene and made the audience feel comfortable even the scene has the most actions in the movie. Even though it’s animation and only has voice actors involved in this movie, Elsa, Ana, Olaf, and Kristoff acted like they were the actual characters and the voice actors saved the voices fitting to the plot. For instance, at 1:28, when Ana introduced Kristoff and the reindeer to Olaf, its voice actually sounded like Olaf was interested in learning them and didn’t have any wariness toward Kristoff and the reindeer. Also, the facial expressions of the characters made the scene more liveliness by making the audience feel like it’s the actual characters acting on the screen. For example, at 1.58 when Kristoff asked Olaf about his experience in summer, Olaf’s facial expressions showed his desires in summer. It made the viewers feel that Olaf truly wanted to enjoy a full measure of summer and sunlight as he closed his eyes and started to imagine himself in forests.

Lastly, the editing was nicely done and fitted really well to the plot and the actings. Throughout the scene, there weren’t any missing or random scenes and went smoothly without any awkward moments between sections when Olaf changed places that he wanted to go. Especially when Olaf imagined himself in the forest and the beach from 2:12, the editing was smoothly done and didn’t make the viewers feel that the sections were just put together without any editing and trimming. As Olaf moved from place to place and even the background kept changing, the sections that were between each place were done really well and connected like all the scenes were filmed by just single cut without having any awkward moments. Also, at 0:34 when Olaf had his head upside down and got the reversed view, the director put Olaf’s upside down view to make clear about his reversed view.



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