Fish Reflection

<Fish Reflection> 

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The objective of this assignment was to draw a fish with black pencil using different value scale.

Art element I used in this assignment was line, our objective was to draw a line in different value scale.

We drew our fish drawing on big piece of paper. First, I used just light pencil to sketch just the basic shape of my fish for 3 minutes. Then, we started putting details and changing the shape in to drawing using another pencil. And, then we used special kind of thick pencil to make different values (10) by rubbing it on our drawing. Also, we used special kind of thick black pencil to make the drawing darker to make different values. Lastly, I used white color pencil to smudge the drawing to gather to make it look neater and better.

I don’t think I succeed in using 10 value scales, which is objective of this task. I think I used only 6 or 7 value scales. I couldn’t make my drawing darker, and I didn’t which part I should make darker. Also, another objective of this assignment was to use 10 value scales and draw those 10 values smoothly and connect them. But, as you see my drawing looks like separated piece, the drawing should be dark, less dark, light, less light, But, my drawing it get very dark and very light beside it.

I think I can I improve my drawing by, trying to make differences in value scales. For example, I could make some parts darker and making parts lighter as possible. Also, I could use white color pencil to make my drawing smoother by smudging it on paper.

Using all 10 value scales was really difficult for me. It was really challenging for me to make slight differences in darkness of color. Another difficult thing was drawing a fish. And, I didn’t know which part has to be dark and which part has to be lighter. It was really hard for me to draw the shape of fish and putting details in fish. It was really difficult know like what I need to draw inside of fish because, the inner side of fish looked just same for me. So, I didn’t know where to draw things like fish.

There were lots of unique things about this assignment. First, we did dissection of real fish. So, we had to touch it and wash it cut it and drawing the inside of the fish. We didn’t draw like the image of fish, we really see it and draw it.  Another unique thing about this assignment was the object looked different as how we used. So, the appearance of fish can be different depends on how we dissect the fish. We had chance to make up the appearance.

In this assignment, the objective was to use all 10 value scales to make our drawing realistic. Before we did this assignment, we did other assignments (summative) too. They were about perspective drawing and contour drawing. But, all of them were not about value scales. In this assignment, we actually had chance to practice on value scale. And, trying to use all value scales in drawing.

Renaissance artists used real living creature as an object in their drawing. Which means, they could change an appearance of that appearance of the object depends on they use. For example, right now artists used object that is already done like ball or bottle or non-living creature. But, in this assignment we dissect the fish and draw the image of fish. We could change the appearance of fish depend on how we cut and how we dissect the fish like renaissance artist did.

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