Medieval Art vs. Renaissance Art

Medieval Art vs. Renaissance Art

Jione Seo




  • Medieval Art

medieval artwork

This painting is called “Madonna and Child”. Artist called “Berlinghiero” drew this painting. “Tempera”, “Gold ground” technique was used in his painting. This painting is about Madonna and she’s son Jesus. Mary is pointing baby Jesus with her hand and baby Jesus is holding scroll like philosopher.


  • Renaissance Art

renaissance art work

This painting is called “Portrait of a Young Woman”. This painting is painted by an artist called “Domenico Ghirlandaio”. He used tempera technique to draw this painting. And, wood was used to make this painting. This painting is about woman with a fitting drew and necklace.



  • These paintings are similar that model of these paintings are both human. And, they both use tempera technique in their painting.
  • They are different in 3 ways. First, the medieval art is really unrealistic. They don’t look like human. And, baby Jesus has really tiny head and huge body comparing to size of his head. But, renaissance art is really realistic. It looks sold. Because, value scale was used in their drawings. Second, value scale wasn’t used in medieval art but, Renaissance artists used value scale in their drawings. As you see, in medieval art you’ll notice that they used only one value in their paintings.  They’re all in same value. Whereas, renaissance artists did excellent use of value scale in their drawings.  As you see, some parts of their drawing are dark. And, other parts of their drawings are light. Which makes their drawings look solid.  Third, most medieval artworks were mostly about Jesus and Mary. Drawings were mostly about Christianity and religious. But, Renaissance artworks weren’t only religious. There were lots of different kinds of paintings.


  • I think reality of their artworks makes medieval art and Renaissance Art. Renaissance artworks are really realistic comparing to medieval artworks. I think renaissance artworks look more realistic because, value scale was used in renaissance art works. Value scale helped paintings look more solid. People in renaissance art works look like they’re popping out from the painting.




The value changed the renaissance art. It made artworks look more realistic. Because, it shows where an object is located and distance between two subjects. For example, we tell it by shadow and coloring darker. Darker it is, farther it is.



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