My personal symbol

This is my mosquito symbol. In this symbol it has small little chart. First, chart in left it’s about amount of people and if you look carefully the number of people is going up. and looking right chart it’s about my voice because, their is speaker icon in it. In that chart it’s going lower and lower which mean my voice get lower and lower. So, this symbol mean that my voice get smaller and smaller if people get larger and larger.

During, making this stamp it was hard to cut back ground. Because, even I cut it deep when I print in paper the line and background was printed too so it doesn’t look clean and neat. Also, when I draw my symbol in rubber bat I didn’t thought that right and left will be change in print. So, when I printed on paper the left and right was in opposite way.

First, I used special pencil to draw a symbol in rubber mat. Second, I cut the background of symbol that is going to be white with linoleum cutters. But, I need to be careful to not cut a line of symbol because it needs to printed also, I need to cut background deep enough so background doesn’t printed in paper. Then, I used spatula to take ink from jar to plexiglass plate. And, I rub ink with brayer and to put ink on brayer then I rub brayer on rubber mat to put ink on it. Next, I put a piece of paper on stamp that I’m going to print then, I stick paper strongly to rubber mat and rub it with burnisher on paper. Lastly, I take off a paper and that’s print of my stamp(symbol).

I discovered that I need to cut back ground deep enough to make my print neat and tidy. And, I also, knew when I draw symbol in rubber mat I need to change right and left in opposite way.

The one big challenges when I make this stamp was that it kept printed untidy and mess up because, the background wasn’t so deep enough. So, I overcome it by cut the back ground and I printed so, then I knew which part do I need to cut more. Then, I cut, that part again and I printed again. Then, I knew which part to cut again. And, I cut that part. I repeat that for several time so, it got much better than my first print.

The interesting part of stamp was if I printed as yellow I can rub printed yellow ink, and if I want to change color to blue I can wash it and put blue on it.

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