Art Room Symbol Ideas

1. Brainstrom

  • Fly
  • Pencil
  • Flower

2. Sketch

  • Fly

This is a sketch of fly. I think fly symbolize art room well because, there are so many flies in this art room and they kept moving to people to people and flies are not in other class room so I think fly represent art room.

  • Pencil

I think pencil symbol art room because, art room symbolize art, pencil symbolize art. Because, pencil is a most important equipment when I draw a picture or when I do art work.

  • Flowers

This is a picture of flower. This is a picture of flower that I drew in my first visual art class. So, when I pass a little flower garden surrounding art house I kept thinking of this picture that I drew in my first art class.

  • My favorite – Fly

My favorite one is fly. Because, for looking pencil it’s so normal and pencil is important in other subject and it’s so usual so I don’t think it symbolize art room well. And, for looking flower symbol it represent me and art room but it doesn’t represent art room well. It’s just my most impressive memory related to art house. So, other people else can’t agree with my flower symbol

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