My Final Choice

I chose this symbol for my final choice. This symbol was about second one of mosquito voice symbol. In this symbol it has a little chart, there is speaker icon (my voice) and people icon for looking people (refers to my audience) it’s going up and for speakers icon it’s going down which means my voice get smaller and smaller if people(my audience) get lots and lots.

I decide this my final symbol. I think a lot between this symbol and bird in angry bird  and my first mosquito voice symbol to choose my final choice. But, I decided to do this one because, I thought the red angry bird doesn’t represent me , I think birds represent me but I don’t thought red bird in angry bird game is not related to me and it doesn’t symbolize me well. Second, at first I thought I need to first symbol for mosquito voice because, it’s very creative and unique but, I decide to that one because first symbol for mosquito voice is little bit complicated for symbol and it’s not eye-catching.

The main reason why I decide it for my final choice is it represent it most, it express all my meaning for mosquito voice. My mosquito symbol was about my voice get smaller when, people gets lots and lots. But most of the symbol was just about my voice is just small all of them doesn’t mentioned about people. And, looking for my other symbol, birds, the all three pictures was just picture, bird  singing part wasn’t in picture. if it doesn’t have singing people will think I just like birds they will never think bird symbolize me because me and bird both of them like to talk. And, also cactus symbol was same as bird it was just cactus and I don’t know why I drew needle.

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