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• A religious or cultural symbol 

-Lotus flower symbol

My religious or cultural symbol is Buddhism symbol. There are 3 Lotus in this picture with same shape and same size but, with different colors. First, Lotus is black and the lines are white. Second, Lotus is white but, the lines are black. Last, Lotus is also white but, the lines are black and it’s thicker and different with other two Lotus’s lines.

Lotus stands for purity, spontaneity and beauty. There is all different meaning for each flower. First, white lotus stands for purity in minds and spiritual perfection. Second, pink lotus stand for Lord Buddha it can also stand for Lord Buddha. Next, blue lotus stands for victory and victory over the senses. Last, the red lotus stand for purity but purity of hearts.

We don’t know who made it exactly, but in many pictures Lord Buddha have portrayed to seat on the Lotus. So, I think probably Lord Buddha create this symbols.

The purpose of this symbol is to make people feel harmonious and peaceful. Because, when the people see Lotus, they feel peaceful and harmonious because, it’s pretty and beautiful. Then if the other people see someone feeling peaceful and harmonious and smiling the people who see, they also smile. So Lotus can make everyone feel peaceful and harmonious and smiling for whole day.

I think this symbol had chosen for Buddhist symbol because, most of the Buddhism teaching is mainly about feel harmonious and peaceful in inside. And, Lotus makes people feel better and feel peaceful and harmonious. So, I think Lotus had chosen for Buddhist symbol because, Lotus match with Buddhism teaching.

I think this symbol is effective because, it represent Buddhist teaching well. Bud, I don’t think this symbol is eye- catching, because it just looks like normal Lotus flower.


• A symbol of an empire or nation


My empire or nation symbol is HAECHI. This symbol is mascot of Seoul (Korea capital city). This symbol look bit like lion and bit look like tiger. It’s yellow and it has a wings on back has some patter on his body.

It represent Korea’s capital city, Seoul. It’s putative animal from Asia. This character describes a real character in Korea palace. People, just make real HAECHI look cuter. Long years ago, Korean believed HAECHI protect them’ from lots of fire and calamity and they thought HAECHI is auspicious. Also, the people knew HAECHI as friendly and humorous animal.

We don’t know who made HAECHI because, the HAECHI was made in long time ago even in BC 57.

This HAECHI is come from old country called Silla. This country was started in BC 57 and ended AD 654. They put HAECHI’s picture in there cloth.

I think the purpose of the symbol is protect people from lot’s of fire and calamity because, they thought the ghost or calamity will go away because, HAECHI look scary. So they put lots of HAECHI in palace.

I think this HAECHI has chosen for Seoul mascot because, HAECHI has been long time In Korea culture. So it’s very familiar character to Korean because, there are lots of HAECHI in Korea. Also, I think HAECHI has chosen for Seoul mascot because, some of Korean still believe HAECHI protects them from calamity and disaster.

I don’t think HAECHI is affective because, the truth is HAECHI doesn’t protect Korean from calamity and disaster. If HAECHI really protect Korean form disaster why would flood was in every summer and why would the typhoon was in every October and November? So, I don’t think HAECHI is affective to people.


• A symbol from your everyday life


My symbol from my everyday life is Starbucks logo. In this picture there are girl look like princess in little mermaid she has a crown on her head and her long hair is covering her body and there is her tail on the back.

This logo represent mermaid name Siren in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Siren entice sailor with her beautiful and sweet voice and then kill them. But, Siren in Starbucks logo it’s mean to addict people to their coffee and make them to go to Starbucks frequently.

Terry Heckler created this Starbucks logo in 1971. The first design that Terry Heckler had design describes Siren more realistic. Then they change their logo (logo that using now) in 1987 because, they thought it’s so realistic for big company logo.

I think the purpose of this symbol is to make good coffee and make people addict to their coffee’s taste and make them come to their Starbucks frequently like Siren entice sailor with  singing with her pretty voice and eat them.

I think this logo has chosen for Starbuck’s logo because, coffee shop need to coffee taste delicious so people addict at their coffee and they come back to there shops. And Siren also make sailors addict at her voice so, I think Siren had chosen for Starbucks logo because, there target and Siren’s target match each other.

I don’t think logo is affective because, the logo is about to make people addict to their coffee but, people don’t get addict to their coffee by their logo. I think this logo is eye catching because, the mermaid is in coffee shop logo even mermaid doesn’t related to coffee.


How are symbols used in art?

I think symbol used in art as helping art to know something more quickly with not using words or sentences.

What makes an effective or successful symbol?

I think using the words or picture that describes something that you will going to make with symbol will make symbol affective and successful. For, example if you’re going to make a symbol of you think of the words or picture that describes you well. And, if you think honeybee describe you well use it for your symbol or use something that relate to honeybee.


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