The Abstracted Human Final Reflection

The Abstract Human Final Reflection

Jione Seo

In this unit I should  make a human sculpture and describe it about own passion. The sculpture needs to be abstract . I need to choose a 1 passion that I like to describe it with sculpture. I need to exaggerate or emphasize the body parts that important.

I used a red clay and flat tool to make my sculpture smoother and sharp tool to poke a face to make a eyes and draw lines at my feet(round) to make it look better to real wheel and draw a lines shape like waffle to a part that I’m going to stick together.

My sculpture is about I like to ride a bike. I abstracted my feet to look like well, because, I thought it will make it more easier to know my passion. So, I made my feet like wheel instead of make my feet in normal shape. And, I decide to exaggerate my feet and my leg. Because, I need big and strong to roll the pedal and I need long and strong and thick to ride bike well. Last, I make my eyes and mouth.

I think I was successful in meeting objectives because I abstracted the right body part and I exaggerate the leg and feet which is most important body parts when I ride a bike because, I need a strong leg  to roll a bike fast and I need a big feet to roll the pedal well. But, I think I was not successful in expressing my passion well.

During, doing this project I tried to make my sculpture smooth because, if it’s lumpy it doesn’t look nice and people’s attention will change to lumpy parts.Also, I wanted to stick the pieces together it was most hard part during this project. I tried to stick them with waters that melted with dark clay and stick it together and smooth it. And, I tried to make my sculpture stand- up because, it will be hard to take off the pieces from desk because, it will be stick together because desk is flat.

I will improved my sculpture by making arms to my sculpture because, It will help me to express my passion better. And, I also think I need to exaggerate my eyes little bit, because, eyes are also important when I ride a bike because, I need to see direction and object in road or street.

Most of the comments in critique was to make a arm because, it’s doesn’t look like human much. And, most of the other comments was to bend my sculpture so it’s look like sitting and riding a bike and make handle  because, it’s hard to notice my passion.

If I can make this abstracted human sculpture I will  make my other part shorter and smaller to make attention go to my feet and I am going to make my sculpture bend so it’s look like sitting on the chair(bike) and I will also, make arms because, I also need my arms to change direction with handle. Last, I will make my eyes bigger because, I need to see the direction or people so I don’t fell off from bike or get hurt.

  • Photos of my sculpture


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