sculpture Idea Brainstorm (in blog)

Sculpture Idea Brainstorm

Jione Seo

• Pick your top 3 passion ideas for your sculpture (out of the 8).

– I like to talk a lot with Korean

-I like to ride a bike

– I like to watch TV

• Briefly explain what this passion means to you, and why you picked it.

– I like to talk a lot with Korean: lot I feel better every time after I talked with Korean. But I can have lots of fun with talking with English because I can’t talk much with English because, I can’t speak English well.

-I like to ride a bike: I like to ride a bike even I’m not good at riding bike because, during ride a bike I can drink fresh air fast. Also, I like feeling when I roll the pedal.

– I like to watch TV: I always watch a TV when I was young. I like to watch drama most. Because, after I watched drama I can’t stop imagining what will be happened at next inning. And sometimes, I laughed because of drama and I cry because of drama.

• Explain why you think it will be a good idea for a sculpture.

– I like to talk a lot with Korean: In Korea I talk really lots with Koreans with my friends or my mom and my dad my family. So, everyone called me chatty person. Also, I really join to talk a lot. I always talk everything in my head.

-I like to ride a bike:  in Korea, my apartment was really good to ride a bike. There were no cars at the street and street was wrapped nicely. So I always use my bike to move to school and academy. I can get fresh air before class and I was fast than others because I ride a bike.

– I like to watch TV: In Korea, I watch every drama when I was young. So, people asked about contents of drama if they miss a drama.


• Tell us which body parts you will choose to exaggerate and emphasize to show the activity you love, and describe how you plan to exaggerate and emphasize them

– I like to talk a lot with Korean: I will exaggerate a mouth and ears because, big mouth refers to talk and big ears refer to listen. Also, I need big mouth and big ears to talk with people well. I could make sculpture’s body very small so viewer attention goes to mouth and ears.

-I like to ride a bike: I will exaggerate a leg because I need strong and thick leg to roll the pedal. Also, I could make sculpture’s head and other body parts make tiny so viewer attentions go to leg.

– I like to watch TV: I will exaggerate a head big because I always imagine after watch drama about contents of next drama inning so, I need big head to imagine. Also, I could make sculpture’s body small so viewer’s focus on big head.

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