Sculpture In-process reflection part 1

My sculpture is about riding a bike. I abstract my body part my foot, head and arm. First, I abstract my foot by making my foot bigger and look like bike roll. Second, I abstract my head tiny and draw just eyes because  head doesn’t really matter to ride a bike. But, I draw a two eyes  I need to see a sight to ride a bike safety. Third, I abstract my arms by make no arms because foot is the most important when I ride a bike.   I learn if I want to make clay stick together and make it smooth, I need to use clay glue and use tools. If I can make this clay again I will make clay depend on  balance. Because, if I don’t make a good balance an clay the clay kept fell down or broken. In my final sculpture, my passion will be talking and I will exaggerate my eyes and ears. I will make a clay depend on balance and looking.

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